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As the months go by, the number of people interested in and trading Bitcoin is constantly growing. It's getting to the point where we see mainstream adaptation and regulation, meaning it's only going to skyrocket from here.

It's far more than that, though. There is a very real possibility that we're going into a world without fiat currencies like euros and dollars. Every fiat economy is doomed to fail at some point. Bitcoin holds the solution to that inevitability.

2021 promises to be a massive year for Bitcoin, which is why you need to sign up with Bitcoin Loophole before it's too late.

Trading Bitcoin Doesn't Have to be Complicated

When we were doing our research for Bitcoin Loophole, we noticed that the biggest thing keeping new traders away from Bitcoin wasn't time or money; it was knowledge. Trading Bitcoin is not like trading stocks. People lacked the knowledge that didn't come with traditional trading, meaning they stayed away from Bitcoin altogether.

That's why we decided to create Bitcoin Loophole. It gives beginners an easy was in without having to spend years studying and mastering Bitcoin trading techniques. Our advanced technological systems are some of the greatest that the trading world has ever seen, and Bitcoin Loophole team takes pride in that. We're out to help as many beginner traders get started, and that includes you. Don't just take our word for it, though. Let's talk about some of the things that makes Bitcoin Loophole so good.

Our Advanced Trading Algorithm

Our trading algorithm is Bitcoin Loophole. It's an AI that we programmed and built from scratch to take all of the hard work out of Bitcoin trading for you. Traditionally, other trading systems used a very rudimentary financial analysis system. It recognized signals that were set in stone, meaning it had room for interpretation or adaptation.

That's because these old systems weren't designed as AI. These systems were just programs. We know that the world of Bitcoin trading is rarely as simple as running the numbers, which is why we decided to take this approach. Our trading AI looks for three different criteria before determining a trade. The first is price action. It takes a look at trading volume and the swings of Bitcoin's value to see what the general market sentiment towards it is. It assesses whether Bitcoin is acting bearish or bullish and uses that information in its output.

After that, it looks at price history. It checks what price Bitcoin was at during this time in previous years and then compares that data. This might sound like a pointless exercise but doing this can give us a massive insight into the next criteria, which are support and resistance levels. Support and resistance levels are two pieces of trading terminology that are particularly important for Bitcoin trading.

A support level is the lowest that the coin is going to go before people start buying and pushing the coin back up.

A resistance level is the highest that a coin is going to go before people start selling, therefore pushing the coin back down. Rather than simply exist in between the two, though, Bitcoin breaks through these levels. It either breaks through resistance, making it bullish, or the support level, making it bearish.

Our AI has a look at the current levels and then checks the coin's history with those levels. If there is a history of it falling above or below either one, that is factored in. On top of all that, the reason that we decided to develop an AI has yet to be outlined. The major reason that pushed this decision was that it allowed us to create a trading bot that had procedural and adaptive learning. Our trading bot is capable of recognizing its performance in real-time.

It knows when it does something right and why, as well as when it has done something wrong and why. It's very much an experiment in the trading world, but one that we have no doubt has set a precedent going into the future.

Bitcoin Loophole is Completely Free

Yes, our AI was not cheap to create. It took a lot of hands and a lot of time. Despite that, we offer Bitcoin Loophole to all of our users for no charge. You might be wondering how we can afford to do that. Well, the answer is relatively simple. As a trading system, we're not a brokerage. We have an AI that runs and executes trades, but we don't facilitate that trading.

Instead, we need to go through one of the many major Bitcoin trading brokers out there. However, Bitcoin Loophole has a massive userbase. A userbase that a lot of brokers out there want. Therefore, we have specific strategic partnerships with a variety of different trading brokers that gives us a commission based on trade volume.

This commission is enough to keep Bitcoin Loophole up and running so that we can provide our service to you completely free of charge. How much income we generate is directly tied to how many users we have. How many users we have is directly tied to how well our system performs for you. This is why you can always be sure that we're going to do our best for you. Your success is our success.

How to Use Bitcoin Loophole

We've explained what our trading AI does, but not how to use it. It's much simpler than it might sound, so don't fret too much. We've explained what our trading AI does, but not how to use it. It's much simpler than it might sound, so don't fret too much.

When you log into your account, you get to set the terms and conditions of your trades. The system cannot steer outside of that. At the end of the day, you get the final say as to where your money goes.

Why is Bitcoin so Important

Perhaps you're just here because you're wondering what makes Bitcoin such a big deal. There are a few different answers to that question, but we're only going to cover the most important ones. First things first, remember when we mentioned every fiat economy is doomed to fail at some point? That's because of a little thing called inflation.

As time goes on, there are more and more dollars in circulation. The government is printing more every year, partially to try and cover its massive trillion-dollar debt. Think back to just 15 or 20 years ago. The value of one dollar was worth so much more than it is today. These days, you struggle to find a loaf of bread that you can buy for that price. This is unjust, unfair, and shortsighted. The biggest counterargument to this, though, is that the average wage has adjusted for inflation. It's true that there has been an adjustment, but it's not proportional.

It has never been harder for the average person to get ahead in recent times than it is today. If a dollar is worth a fraction of what it is now, think about what it's going to be worth in another 20 years. There are some that don't think the US economy can handle that, and we're among them.

Bitcoin has one key factor that makes it the perfect solution. It's decentralized. Bitcoin operates on different machines around the world and is controlled by nobody. It's an automated system with no masters. In other words, it's inflation-proof. The supply of Bitcoin is under constant control, meaning there is never going to be a massive increase of Bitcoin year on year.

More importantly than that, though, Bitcoin is actually finite. There is going to come a time when the Bitcoin blockchain no longer produces new coins. It's hardcoded into the system to preserve and protect the value and integrity of the coin. In this way, Bitcoin is more like gold than the dollar, further forwarding the notion that it is going to replace fiat currencies in the future.

How Bitcoin is Made

Before you start trading with Bitcoin Loophole, you should have a grasp of how new Bitcoin units are created. We already mentioned that the process is automated, but there's quite a bit more to it than that. Bitcoin is made through a process called "mining." This mining is performed by individuals that we call "Bitcoin miners."

As a result of the decentralized nature of Bitcoin, there is no massive corporation sitting on servers and computers dedicated to keeping the Bitcoin blockchain up and running. That responsibility falls on independents. Why would anyone dedicate their own hard-earned computing equipment to an automated client, though? The reason is that the Bitcoin client pays these people for their service with freshly minted Bitcoin.

Should I Trade Bitcoin or Become a Bitcoin Miner

You should trade Bitcoin. However, we're going to explain why. Being a Bitcoin miner is admittedly safer than trading. There are no risks; you're just doing a job

However, that job requires a phenomenal amount of computing hardware and a deep knowledge of technology in general as well as Bitcoin. You also don't have any sort of Bitcoin Loophole equivalent to help you out. Trading with us doesn't require anywhere near to that level of specialization. You can be a complete beginner and still make use of Bitcoin Loophole. However, to mine, you're going to need years of experience and expertise in a very niche area of computer science.

The History of Bitcoin

To get a full grasp of how phenomenal Bitcoin truly is, you need to understand its history a little bit. Despite its recent popularity, Bitcoin was actually created all the way back in 2009. It was created by an alias account called Satoshi Nakamoto. Nobody knows the true identity of Satoshi Nakamoto, or if it's an individual or a group.

When it was first launched, it was worth a fraction of what it's worth today. Over the years between 2009 and 2017, it saw a small bit of growth by a few dollars. However, all of that changed practically overnight. There was one single whale trader that made a massive move into Bitcoin. This single move was enough to inflate the coin's value.

More importantly, though, it started a snowball effect. As a result of the price movement, the media started to pick up on Bitcoin and ran a few stories. This media coverage then attracted even more investors, which got more coverage, and so on. This cycle eventually got out of hand. People were taking out second mortgages to buy Bitcoin, and as they soon learned, you don't buy the highs; you buy the lows. The Bitcoin bubble crashed, and the coin spent about two years recovering.

It did recover, though, being back to a strong position by the time that 2020 rolled around. However, just like everything else, it crashed in March in the wake of the Coronavirus.

It recovered tremendously quickly, though, thanks in part to it being a non-physical asset that is entirely proof from being bankrupt.

Bitcoin FAQs

At Bitcoin Loophole, we've heard all sorts of questions from beginner and experienced traders alike. We're awfully busy keeping the system online, so we've put a few of these questions down below for you to read over.

What is a trading whale?

How much do I need to start trading with Bitcoin Loophole?

Why Bitcoin?

A whale isn't a term used exclusively in trading, but it does have a universal meaning with regards to person classification. A whale is someone that has a lot of money proportional to the rest of the community. In the case of Bitcoin, it's the top one percent that has billions of dollars invested in the coin.

Rather than buying one full Bitcoin straight out, you can buy fractions of a coin known as Satoshi. This isn't dissimilar to breaking a dollar up into cents.

This means that, in theory, you can buy one dollar's worth of Bitcoin. You're not going to get very far trading like that, though.

That's why our minimum deposit limit is set to $250. It gives you a solid foundation to start trading off while not being too high for beginners.

There are a lot of other cryptocurrencies out there, so why Bitcoin? The answer is fairly straightforward. Bitcoin is THE cryptocurrency.

At Bitcoin Loophole, we've recognized this for what it is. Bitcoin is so big compared to the other cryptos that the movement of the Bitcoin market actively affects other coins.

It is the king of the crypto world, and by a large margin. While the entire industry is seeing great growth, it's unlikely that Bitcoin is ever going to be toppled.

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