About Us

Bitcoin Loophole came about as the result of a small experiment carried out by a group of Uni graduates.

Our founders were a group of friends that came through the education system from all walks of life. They had a few finance and economics students, one or two marketing majors, but the majority of them were computer engineers.

Once Bitcoin started to gain some traction, aside from personal investments, the group decided to run a little experiment. They tried to set up an AI that could predict the price of the coin based on the very limited data available at the time.

The experiment results were so-so, which was to be expected, all things considered. The friends left the program running and went back to their usual activities. However, when they came back to check on it almost a full year after the crash, they noticed that it was producing staggeringly accurate predictions.

They recognized the opportunity that this presented, and thus Bitcoin Loophole was born.

Recruiting Bitcoin Loophole Team

Recruiting Bitcoin Loophole team wasn't as difficult as one might expect. The group had plenty of contacts from their time in university, so they made some phone calls and almost automatically had a group of experts to work with.

This expanded team was supplemented with some external recruits, and work on the system started.

Development Cycle

Developing Bitcoin Loophole went far smoother than anyone could have expected. This was solely thanks to the fact that the trading system had been left running all this time. It was set up to adapt and learn as it went, so there was already a treasure trove of information to work with.

All that the team had to do was upgrade the technology that the AI was operating with and develop the front-end and back-end of Bitcoin Loophole website.

The overall process took no time at all, and in just over two and a half years, we were ready with our finished product. We obviously ran an initial beta test, first, to make sure that everything in the system was fully functional and operational.

To no one's surprise at this point, everything had the green light.

We're at the stage now that Bitcoin Loophole has been released to the public. We've got a lot of great feedback for the work we've been doing, and our community is already massive. We hope you decide to join us.